Carolines’ Self-Titled EP Review


A simple strummed electric guitar opens the new self-titled EP from Cardiff based band Carolines, but in their hands even this simple bit of guitar work is swiftly able to communicate how good they are at what they do – writing catchy songs.

Formed just over a year ago and named after Cardiff’s iconic Chippy Lane (or Caroline Street as it’s actually signposted), Carolines have experienced a pretty monumental rise. With two previous singles under their belts (both making an appearance on this release), a flurry of live shows, and 795 facebook followers already you can tell they’re going places.

A couple of things stand out on these songs. The lead guitar (provided by Mitchell Dare) is always brilliant, showing a keen ear for melody that a lot of guitarists exchange for soulless technicality or just plain noise. A great example of this can be found on Jealous, where after mirroring the vocalised ‘woohoo’ line for most of the instrumentals the guitar is allowed to put its own stamp on the song before being truly set free in the killer sped up outro, which I’m sure goes down a treat live.

The other element Carolines consistently show a talent for can be found on the EP’s closer Blow The Gasket, and that is vocalist Ashley Kidd’s ability to display emotion in his performances. Starting with a subdued introductory verse vaguely reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys, ramping all the way up to the huge belted chorus of “She’s going for your brain” Kidd perfectly matches the intensity required by the composition and the result is a top notch song to close out a top notch EP.

Listen to the EP below and follow Carolines on Facebook here.



Review by Ben Hughes


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